Album: BODY IN WHITE (2014)

Song: Surface

Bitrate: 160kbps

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14circles is a project by a Germany based artist Anton Holota. Anton Holota was born in Kharkiv in 1985. In 2002 he moved to Kyiv to study physics. During his studies, Anton conducted the program on university radio, which was dedicated to electronic music. In 2004 he started to release his music under .at/on alias. Since 2004 he has released many EPs and albums on different labels and contributed to a number of compilations. During the music activity Anton has performed on various international festivals such as Les Urbaines, DetaliZvuku, NetAudio Berlin 2009, Kvitnu, MusCut. In 2006, one of the compilations with his track was nominated for Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 3rd edition in category "qwartz compilation". In 2008 a techno/dub side project called COTF was launched. In 2010 Anton moved to Sweden where he studied applied acoustics and worked as an acoustics engineer. From 2012 Anton Holota lives in Munich, Germany. The project 14circles presents a mixture of dark rhythmic sound and noise.